How to choose a mattress: 10 helpful tips.

How to choose a mattress: 10 helpful tips.

WRONG The myth that a wooden board can be used instead of a mattress is wrong. An overly firm mattress puts too much pressure on the shoulders and pelvis. Too soft, on the contrary, cannot provide the body with sufficient support and does not allow the spine to straighten.

You can buy one mattress for a lifetime.

WRONG The mattress has a lifespan of 10 years, or 3650 nights. However, the need to change the mattress may come earlier – if it sagged or deformed, springs began to be felt, or depressions appeared on the surface. Attention!

Even if the fabric of the cover is absolutely clean and the mattress looks like new, this does not mean that it is in good condition.

A thick mattress lasts longer.

WRONG Thickness has nothing to do with quality, although if the mattress is thinner than 15 cm, you risk pushing the mattress hard with your elbow against the base of the bed. But there is no tangible difference between a mattress 15–20 cm high and a thicker one: it is the upper centimeters that take on the main load during sleep.

The mattress topper makes sleeping more comfortable.

YES AND NO There is an opinion that the mattress topper makes the bed too hard. This is true, but only if it is designed specifically for this bed! However, it is impossible to improve a bad mattress with a mattress topper.

In countries with cold climates, you can change the mattress covers depending on the season – if you have not bothered to buy a mattress with “winter” and “summer” sides, or simply do not want to turn it over again. Get two mattress covers of different composition – one will warm you in the winter, the other will refresh you in the summer.

A quality mattress can be used without a base.

WRONG This Japanese practice, which became fashionable in the West in the 1970s and is still popular with adolescents, is harmful. The base provides support and allows the mattress to breathe. We lose an average of 400 milliliters of water every night.

It evaporates through the underside of the mattress thanks to the base. Without it, you are guaranteed condensation on the carpet or fungus on the parquet!

Mattresses made of latex, polyurethane foam and box springs differ in quality.

WRONG What material and type of mattress to choose depends on the individual characteristics of its owner. You cannot advise the same mattress to a person who moves a lot in a dream, and to a person with a backache or someone who sleeps on his stomach! For all types of mattresses, at the same quality level, prices are about the same.

There is no filler that would be an order of magnitude more expensive than the rest. It is also useful to know that there are no generally accepted standards for the “hardness” and “softness” of a mattress, they vary from brand to brand.

A good bed is expensive.

YES AND NO Even the most expensive brands, as a rule, produce sets of bed base and mattress in several price categories. Each of them has simple and complex models. You can easily find something based on your budget.

When choosing a bed, you must take into account your dimensions.

Avon men’s fragrances

Avon men’s fragrances

Avon’s perfume collections are known on all continents. The company produces many exquisite male compositions that are popular all over the world. Perfume is an integral part of the male image.

Representatives of the strong half of humanity have their own preferences. Some want to express their freedom, independence, others confidence, others hidden emotions and feelings. There are unconditional sales leaders – compositions that have won the love of buyers.

The best men’s Avon fragrances – what are they? Today I will talk about 5 of them.

1.Individual Blue.

Eau de Toilette Individual Blue Avon for men was released in 2003. and quickly became a favorite. For charming, self-confident and imposing men who love individual and unique style. The scent is purely masculine, without a hint of unisex. Assertive and invigorating.

Fresh, spicy herbal with a hint of musk. So retro vintage, evocative.

Belongs to the family of aromatic fragrances and consists of notes:

grapefruit, lavender, rosemary, geranium, musk and sandalwood.

The freshness of grapefruit is covered with intriguing notes of musk and warm sandalwood. Suitable for both young and mature men. Elegant notes of lavender are mixed with the bitterness of grapefruit and the warmth of sandalwood to create a beautiful and noble sound.

Longevity 4-6 hours. Avon Blue Eau de Toilette has an intense sound and fully unfolds on the skin in several stages. Will appeal to lovers of fresh notes, well suited for daytime use.

The men’s perfume has a soft blue color, it looks elegant in a bottle of unusual design, reminiscent of a man with a proud posture and straightened shoulders. Volume – 100 ml. The price in the catalog ranges from 350 rubles. per bottle.

2. Luck for Him.

“Good luck to him” – this is how the name is translated. Luck Avon men’s eau de toilette was released in 2014. Its creator is perfumer Dave Apple.

She immediately gained popularity among connoisseurs of perfume. And to this day it remains one of the most prestigious and in demand.

Luck belongs to the classic aromas of the woody-amber group. A strict, restrained smell with a barely perceptible tangerine bitterness. Delicate light trail will be appropriate both for a meeting and for a festive buffet table.

Suitable for mature and accomplished men.

The pyramid of the composition is woven from notes:

pink pepper, nutmeg, tangerine, sandalwood.

August 6 – Day of the part of the 59th Khasan (Posyetsky) frontier detachment.

August 6 – Day of the part of the 59th Khasan (Posyetsky) frontier detachment.

59 Khasansky (Posyetsky) border detachment celebrates its annual holiday on August 6. The Voenpro review contains the history 3 in 1 Body Shaper of 59 POs, service in military unit 2045 KTPO, numbering and names of outposts.

In August, in Primorye, events are held annually dedicated to the annual holiday of the 59th Khasan (Posyet) border detachment, a particularly solemn celebration falls on the anniversary years.

Veterans-border guards, representatives of the administration of the Khasansky district, the border department of the FSB of Russia in the Primorsky Territory, teams from enterprises, institutions, educational institutions take part in the celebration.

Flowers are laid at the memorial plaque to Captain V. Privalov, who served in the detachment and died in the DRA. Veterans of the border service and distinguished acting border guards are awarded certificates and valuable gifts.

After the solemn part with the laying of flowers on the walk of fame, the participants of the holiday were able to see performances by pupils of patriotic clubs and a concert of the song and dance ensemble of the Russian FSB Border Directorate in the Primorsky Territory.

On the annual holiday of the detachment, August 6, border guards who served in the 59th Red Banner Order of Kutuzov II degree of the Khasan Border Detachment gather for meetings in various regions of Russia and the former USSR. If it is not possible to hold meetings of colleagues, you can independently recall the years spent in the detachment.

History and service in military unit 2045 KTPO.

The detachment was formed in mid-May 1924. Service in the section of the detachment in the 1920s was intense. Numerous smugglers, poachers tried to break through the state border, bandit formations acted.

In numerous skirmishes with the enemy, the Hasan border guards displayed courage and heroism.

In the 1930s, Japanese militarism reared its head, dreaming of including the Soviet Far East into the Japanese Empire. Cases of acts of sabotage groups and spies have become more frequent. On March 25, 1936, more than 100 Japanese broke through to the height at the outpost

The next important milestone in the history of the squad

For the courage and heroism of the personnel shown during the Khasan battles, the 59th Posyet border guard detachment was awarded the Order of the Red Star, and also receives an honorary title

In 1940, the detachment’s annual holiday was established

With the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, many border guards of the detachment volunteered for the front and showed themselves heroically.

In August 1945, the Khasan border detachment took part in the final defeat of Japan, which put an end to World War II.