What is prototyping and why is it important

When your app’s idea takes shape and the team of developers is ready to bring it to life, you can come across the fact, that developers can’t read your mind. Fortunately, there is a prototype to avoid misunderstandings and to translate your ideas in to code.

Prototype is a real-life clickable model of a future app. It is used to define the way elements should interact, approve functionality and interface, estimate costs of development, correct mistakes and get users’ feedback. In fact, prototyping is the best way to try your idea out, to identify and solve problems at an early stage.


Prototyping has several benefits.

Prototyping helps customers:
  • to avoid misunderstanding, which may occur while explaining an idea or design requirements
  • to try their app in action before it is actually built
  • to save both time and money by early detection and correction of mistakes
Prototyping helps developers:
  • to set clear objectives to the staff
  • to define the scope of the project, establish a project timeline and evaluate costs
  • to protect himself against unlawful requests of the customer