What does good design mean?

When developing an app, entrepreneurs usually think too much of its functionality and too little of its design. However, a user-friendly design is a cornerstone of success, as it is the first thing that motivates people to use it on a regular basis. That’s why we made a list of little things, you should pay attention to when choosing a design concept.

1. Simplify it
The first thing you should keep in mind is a fact, that a mobile app is just a tool. That’s why it is necessary to get rid of unproductive design elements, like gradients or complex elements, and to opt for minimalistic design and simple color skins. A good user-friendly design focuses on simplicity and clarity to ease functionality and emphasize usability.

2. Make it clear
To facilitate using of a mobile app it is necessary to keep all its elements in order by dividing different categories with lines or intervals. By using more spacing between all elements, the whole system provided more clarity. For a better text readability within one block it is better to use different front sizes instead of different front types. By using more spacing between all elements and different front sizes, the whole system provided more clarity.

3. Mark it
Even given the fact that the world has moved to minimalistic design and softer color palettes some of the elements must be marked to grab the user’s attention. The main trick here is to mark the information without making it hard-selling.