Promoting your mobile app. Step 1: get first users


Finally the day has arrived and your app is published. But before it brings real business benefits it must be presented to the world. We’re going to look at some clever ways to drive downloads and attract first users to your brand-new app.

Before undertaking new marketing strategies to promote your app it makes sense to have the best from existing marketing channels. Your website or blog is the right starting point. Readers coming to your web site are ideal candidates to become first users of your app; you just need to make the transition easy and possible.

1. Smart App Banner
Smart App Banner is a basic way to redirect the users of your mobile website to an app. This modest banner appears automatically at the top of the browser on iOS 6 – iOS 9 devices and shows all the information related to your mobile app. If the app is already installed, the banner will automatically propose to user to open it, if not – to download it.

SAB.jpg (1)

Despite the fact that the design of a banner is very simple and cannot be changed, it helps to get the maximum impact at the least cost.

2. Interactive widgets
ЕIf you want something more, than a dull banner at the top of the browser, you can create your own. Interactive widgets act as Smart App Banners, are customized, can be put on your website’s homepage or everywhere else possible, but require some designing.


Interactive widgets give free scope to your imagination, but sometimes are not so efficient, as Smart App Banners: it can be canceled and no longer shown.

3. “Available on…” buttons
Along with banners you can use another excellent tool to promote your app – “Available on…” buttons. This buttons are not invasive, so they can always present on each page of your site and e-mails.