Mobile Social Network for Drivers

Icon-60@3xTokTok is a social networking app like you have never experienced before.

Interaction is now not only at your fingertips from home, school or work… it has now reached the streets of your city, it has spread into automobile seats and motorcycles helmets of the world.

Users of TokTok are identified not by their names but by their license plate number.
Just imagine that you can text any driver by only knowing their license plate number or seeing them on a map in real time. Imagine being able to interact with people by seeing them cruising on the map just like you. Imagine making friends with people that share similar interests but live half way across the globe…
This is all now possible with TokTok!

TokTok is social networking at its best. The possibilities of this app are unlimited.
You can also:
– see whats happening what by using the global wall feed
– want to post a cool foto or video? That is also possible
– inform other users of traffic jams, construction work and road cameras
– send public and anonymous messages
– add other users as friends
– come up with road statuses such as “Need Help” or “Give Me A Lift”
– create open/private groups by interest

Anything and everything is possible with TokTok, download and start having fun right away!

Important Note: users can register not only as car drivers but also as motorcyclists, pedestrians or bikers.
So you don’t need to have a car to join in on the fun.


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