1FitChat – Your pocket fitness coach

Icon-60@3x 1FITCHAT – an app aimed at online fitness coaching for getting fit and healthy by using individually developed programs.

1FITCHAT is a team of highly qualified fitness coaches, dietitians, nutritionists, psychologists, doctors and professional scientists. It is an incomparable, incompatible methodics based on up-to-date knowledge in the field of health, nutritious food and physical exercising.

1FITCHAT – is a perfect solution that reckons with modern people’s busy lifestyle. 1FITCHAT represents an extremely convinient service as you can get your personal recommendations from anywhere in the world through the mobile app. Constant online control and psychological support will help to succeed in sticking to the program till the end!


Simple and easily navigated interface

Always in touch!
Permanent access to online professional assistance

Opportunity to share experience, interests, moods with other participants in chats

Quick and easy registration

Ability to export and receive video and audio files

Supports iOS and Android

Website: www.1fitchat.ru
Developed in: 95 days
Consists of: Specification, Design, Programing, Server part.
Links: App Store | Google Play