1FitChat – Your pocket fitness coach
Icon-60@3x 1FITCHAT – an app aimed at online fitness coaching for getting fit and healthy by using individually developed programs.
Mobile Social Network for Drivers
Icon-60@3xTokTok is a social networking app like you have never experienced before. Interaction is now not only at your fingertips from home, school or work… it has now reached the streets of your city, it has spread into automobile seats and motorcycles helmets of the world.
Promoting your mobile app. Step 1: get first users

Finally the day has arrived and your app is published. But before it brings real business benefits it must be presented to the world. We’re going to look at some clever ways to drive downloads and attract first users to your brand-new app.

What does good design mean?
When developing an app, entrepreneurs usually think too much of its functionality and too little of its design. However, a user-friendly design is a cornerstone of success, as it is the first thing that motivates people to use it on a regular basis. That’s why we made a list of little things, you should pay attention to when choosing a design concept.
What is prototyping and why is it important
When your app’s idea takes shape and the team of developers is ready to bring it to life, you can come across the fact, that developers can’t read your mind. Fortunately, there is a prototype to avoid misunderstandings and to translate your ideas in to code.
In the first instance

If you give serious thoughts to build your own mobile app or web-service, you should understand, that even a great idea is not enough. We have prepared a list of questions for you to answer before proceeding to development.