Specificationthe nuts and bolts of your project

Be confident in the results

800 $
Time required
5 days
In confidence

The process involves
To the point
Our team gets into gear and considers all technical aspects of your idea
  • office or Skype meetings
  • business processes optimization

To elaborate on existing ideas is easier, than to start from scratch
  • searching over developers’ databases
  • SWOT analysis of competitors

Full cost
At this stage we define the scope of the project, establish a project timeline and evaluate costs
  • full statement of work
  • no additional payments guaranteed

Finally, we create an interactive clickable prototype that works exactly like your app will
  • functionality approval
  • HTML representation

What is prototyping?

Prototype is a real-life clickable model of a future app. It is used to define elements behaviour, approve functionality and interface, estimate costs of development, correct mistakes and get users feedback.

Prototyping helps developer to identify and solve problems at an early stage of development, to set clear objectives to staff and to get valuable feedback from the users. For the contractor prototyping is the best way to save both time and money by trying an idea out. It also allows to make changes at the early stage of development and to avoid misunderstandings, which may occur while explaining idea and design requirements.

All that makes prototyping an essential part of Specification and an important step in an app development process. Neglect of this step results in considerable increase of development costs or even in failure of the product in the market.